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Reballing computer repairs


Reballing services, computer repairs, computing systems for computer labs and IT professionals.


Mobile spare parts warehouse - most models.


When the mobile has no display, the problem in most cases results from the video chip, the processor, or a number of components embedded in the motherboard. In the lab, we do do the reballing procedure to all the chips, processors, video cards, etc. This saves the customer a lot of money.


Computer repair at the component level

From the simple fact that most computer technicians do not repair computers, they simply re-define the operating system set-up to please the client, the Lab! repairs your computer at the component level. Instead of running and paying a lot of money for replacing components, we just fix them for you. The Lab! has advanced equipment and tools, knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in the art of soldering paste - "Reballing".


Computer repairs

The lab specializes in computer repair services of all types:

  • Repair of desktop computers.

  • Repair of laptops.

  • Fixing tablets.

  • Repair of tablet PCs.

  • Server Repair.


In addition, the professional team of the Lab’s computer repair dept. specializes in repairs at the component level:

  • Repairing motherboards.

  • Fix video cards.

  • Fixing processors.

  • Repair of graphic boards.

  • Fix video cards.

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Reballing computer repairs

The Lab provides computer and communications services, providing advanced solutions to private and business customers. We provide Data recovery services As well as treatment services for attacking ransom virus, services for setting up and managing computer communication networks, services for computer repair services. Among our clients are many businesses, from small businesses with a single digit number of workstations to companies with hundreds of stations and servers.In addition, we provide professional service to private customers including onsite repair service and, if necessary, computer collection to our repair lab. 

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