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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Today, most of our information is stored digitally - hard drives, memory cards, cloud services, or burned disks. Images, presentations, and work materials - almost everything is on one of these storage devices, and because they are digital, they may suffer from physical harm or software damage (such as a ransom malware) that can cause the loss of important information.


The data recovery capabilities of our professional staff enable us to provide data recovery services in the following cases:

  • Saving data after erasing or formatting.

  • Drive requesting boot.

  • Drive which is not recognized by the computer.

  • Water damages.

  • Technical faults in the read / write / engine / short-circuit heads - on hard disks.

  • Ransom malware attack.

  • Destruction of information.

  • Saving data.

  • Recover data lost from memory cards.

  • Recover data from mobile phones.

  • Save/Recover data from corrupted hard disks.

  • Save/Recover data from digital cameras.

  • Recover data from disk or key.

  • DVD.

  • Servers.

  • RAID.

Data recovery - work for professionals

Data recovery processes require different specialties. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the Lab, which employs a professional team specializing in data recovery/retrieval of all types of media in order to obtain a quick, efficient, real and quality solution.

Data Recovery - prices

The costs of data recovery are divided into two parameters:

  • Cost of inspection.

  • Cost of recovery.

While inspection costs are fixed, the cost of the data recovery process varies depending on the difficulty of the case. In cases of particularly serious damage, the recovery price may be more expensive.


The price is determined by the severity of the damage and the resources required for the recovery, which can take from several hours to several days and in some cases even up to a few weeks.


Recommendations on our work in the field of Data Recovery

Over the years we have solved a wide range of data recovery problems from hard drives, data recovery after ransom malware attack, saving data from memory cards and a wide range of problems of lost data that our customers faced.

Some customers chose to give us their recommendation via our Facebook page.

We decided to introduce some of them here:

"I came with a damaged disk and they recovered all my data for only 1.5K NIS for that others would ask for 4K NIS at least...” - Yaakov Yosef, Haifa.

"Excellent service, excellent price, recovered all the data I had on the memory card” - Avner Hadash, Karmiel .

"I was happy to finally find a lab that has excellent service and the low prices - recovering data from my hard disk was half the cost of data recovery in the center of the country” - Maxim Ussov, Kiryat Yam.

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Data Recovery

The Lab provides computer and communications services, providing advanced solutions to private and business customers. We provide Data recovery services As well as treatment services for attacking ransom virus, services for setting up and managing computer communication networks, services for computer repair services. Among our clients are many businesses, from small businesses with a single digit number of workstations to companies with hundreds of stations and servers.In addition, we provide professional service to private customers including onsite repair service and, if necessary, computer collection to our repair lab. 

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