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Networks Security

Networks Security

Computer services, network security and a variety of computer solutions for businesses.


The modern business world is conducted today through a complex computer system based on servers as well as wireless and wired networks. In this reality, businesses are required to have professional computer services. In other words, to customize a computer system to meet the business’ requirements and to secure the computer system in the business in order to enable the computer system to operate smoothly and prevent exposure to malicious hazards that pop up in the virtual world. Most businesses prefer, not only for economic reasons, to have an external company that specializes in providing the set-up and maintenance of Communication networks and other variable computer services to businesses and organizations.


Computing services for your business - What does it mean?

The means effectively. Your business will benefit from a more continuous and reliable work.
The lab! Enables your business to be managed in a professional and efficient manner without any mishaps or delays. In this way, it frees the staff to focus on the core of the business instead of diverting their focus and energy to areas they don’t specialize in.


The laboratory provides a variety of solutions and services, such as:

  • servers and networks security.

  • Installation, Repair and maintenance of communication boxes.

  • network points Installation.

  • Repair, maintenance and sale of computing systems.

  • Secure the information stored in the computing system against viruses or malicious hacking.

  • Regular maintenance of hardware and software including upgrades when needed.

  • Backup systems - backup all information regularly and permanently.

  • Training the employees in the business after upgrading the computer system.

  • Reliable and accessible support at all times.

  • Classrooms, information systems, sound and video studios / rooms.

  • Supply of hardware and software equipment, workstations and communication boxes.

Why Choose The Lab! to Secure Communication Networks?

The lab was founded out of a desire to provide comprehensive computing solutions in data recovery, computer communications, component level electronic repairs, skilled and professional support by remote control.


Our team is courteous and professional and with the knowledge and experience we have acquired, we will be happy to help, save, restore, handle, establish, manage and maintain the servers, networks and data you need.


We specialize in consulting on advanced computing services and we use the most advanced technologies and modern equipment in order to provide you with the best service. We strive for excellence and believe that behind every good laboratory stands a quality team with a high level of service quality. We know that in order to be a successful and high quality Lab, our customers must be satisfied with the service we provide for them.


Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for our help in whatever you need.

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Networks Security

The Lab provides computer and communications services, providing advanced solutions to private and business customers. We provide Data recovery services As well as treatment services for attacking ransom virus, services for setting up and managing computer communication networks, services for computer repair services. Among our clients are many businesses, from small businesses with a single digit number of workstations to companies with hundreds of stations and servers.In addition, we provide professional service to private customers including onsite repair service and, if necessary, computer collection to our repair lab. 

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