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Data Recovery

Data recovery from hard disks, memory cards, SSD drives, cellphones, laptops.

The Lab's data recovery department specializes in saving data from any hard disk and memory device including (defect) chip programming. Our professional data recovery department specializes in repairing and resolving all hard disk Malfunctions and all storage devices (USB flash drives, memory cards for phones and cameras, USB SSD), bootable drive, unrecognized drive by computer, water damage, ransom malware or virus attack, data destruction, "ticking" drive, Data recovery from faulty mobile phones and from any memory component.

data recovery

The Lab specializes in saving computers, laptops and memory devices (hard disks, memory cards, USB flash drives) from ransom malware attacks. Our professional abilities are expressed by eliminating the ransom threat by rescuing and recovering the kidnapped information. In addition, the lab staff specializes in encrypting information to prevent its being hijacked by a ransom virus.

ransom malware

The Lab team specializes in building, repairing and refurbishment of PC / APPLE stationary and mobile computer systems, servers and workstations from all manufacturers at the component level, at fair prices including video card reballing and electronic controller repairs. The lab specializes in repairing and renewing motherboards, power supplies and game consoles at the component level, saving about 60% of the cost of a new component - an operation that pays for workstations and servers.


The Lab has been specializing in securing communications and computers networks for more than 20 years. We provide network security services for businesses, cloud computing services, virtual server operation, setting up communication network boxes, servers, data security, operating systems, workstations. In addition, we provide skilled help desk services - engineers, field technicians and professional network managers are at your disposal.

Network security


The Lab provides computer and communications services, providing advanced solutions to private and business customers. We provide Data recovery services As well as treatment services for attacking ransom virus, services for setting up and managing computer communication networks, services for computer repair services. Among our clients are many businesses, from small businesses with a single digit number of workstations to companies with hundreds of stations and servers.In addition, we provide professional service to private customers including onsite repair service and, if necessary, computer collection to our repair lab. 



Tel: +972 73 787-7730



Nativ Halulav 12, Kiryat Shmuel, Haifa, Israel.

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